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This isn't an April Fools' comic, though at this point me posting updates is kind of a joke.


Maybe it's a problem when your main characters start excusing themselves from the plotline.

Also, Eevee is using the payphone because where would she carry a cell phone? It's probably a collect call, because where would she carry pocket change? Conducting financial transactions must be annoying in this universe.

I said I would try to update Thursday and Friday, but I forgot how many panels this one had. Hopefully everyone appreciates seeing Pichu in the exact same pose but at slightly different angles. I've been trying to avoid copy/pasting lately, but this comic would've been perfect for it. Next update should be on Monday, I'll be using the weekend to try and extend my buffer a bit.


Eevee, you're losing it. You let a darn horse sneak up on you.

Almost every comic has one thing that I spend way too much time on. In this one, it was the buildings in the first panel. And then I ended up dimming them out because they were too colorful and distracting. I probably could've spent a little more time on the random citizen monsters... that ponyta looks a little doofy.

I caught up to my buffer a bit too quick, so there won't be a new comic tomorrow. I'm aiming to update on Thursday and Friday, and then I'll probably wait until Monday to start posting again.


...and now to never use these characters again because flannel is a pain in the neck to draw. I bet professional comic artists have interns to color their flannel for them.

So, the first-gen Pokémon games are available for download now. I want one, but I kinda wanna wait for the New 3DS bundle with them included, with the special faceplates and interface theme... It's frustrating because a couple weeks before they announced it I finally went ahead and bought the Animal Crossing one, just so I could have a reasonably-sized US-spec New 3DS.


I guess I set the artistic expectations a little high with that last comic. They can't all be set in lush forests, you know. This is part one of a two-parter, in which two characters who were never really all that well thought-out attempt to redeem themselves by still being not that well thought-out, but with a different stereotype this time.