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Merry almost Christmas! All the pictures I have tonight are from November and therefore not very Christmas-y. First one is a cubone with a ribbon that I had owed a friend for awhile. There's also an alternate version with different shading. The other image is this miniature keyboard eevee, which is based on (and partially traced over) this photo I took of one of my old toys.

That toy, by the way, is the main reason I've been incorrectly giving Eevee a white mane instead of a cream-colored one all this time. I eventually realized my mistake, but I decided to keep it in anyway. Not like my eevees ever looked much like the official design. Occasionally people will not even realize my eevees are eevees, which makes me think that eventually I'll have to start calling them something else instead.

I think I've mentioned before that the only console that's really been interesting me this generation has been the Wii U. As such, I hadn't really had plans to buy either of the other two. But then Sony announced that really cool 20th Anniversary Playstation 4. For a moment I was suddenly really into the idea of getting a PS4. Then they also announced that they'd only be selling 12,300 of the things worldwide. That's crazy! How is a not-particularly-committed fan like myself supposed to get one of those? Turns out the answer is pure luck. I happened to look at their Twitter page seven minutes after they posted the preorder link, and bought one.

Guess I need to start looking into PS4 games now. No Man's Sky is looking pretty cool.


Hey, Fall is here! Kinda. Weather can't decide whether it wants to be hot or cold. I was planning to put my air conditioner away tonight, but I hear it's supposed to warm again this week. Anyway, Autumn is my favorite season. It looks nice, it has my birthday in it, and it means all the best holidays are right around the corner. I was in an autumn-y enough mood to draw an autumn-themed picture. Sorry, there aren't any cutesy animals in it.

For November, I'm considering doing yet another Daily Draw month. Depends how my job's workload is looking. But I figured that in case I do go through with it, I should finally put all of the pictures from this February's Daily Draw into the art gallery. You can view a filtered list of just the stuff I've updated tonight here. It's less than 28 images because I left out a couple duds, and the eeveelution image is four days of drawings combined into one. It's not cheating, I promise.

Also, while getting ready to update the page tonight, I stumbled upon a little Eevee animation I did in 2007 that I had completely forgotten about.


I drew a few pictures over August that I never posted to the front page. A couple of them have been sitting in the Art section unnanounced, the others were never added at all. First up is a bunch of weasels. I was trying to make a character sheet of sorts for him. I couldn't decide whether I liked the colored versions or the sketchier ones, so I kept both. Next is a pretty cool speeding jolteon. There might be some weirdness to the pose, but it's meant to be a little exaggerated. Also I liked it and didn't want to risk breaking it further while fixing it.

Last, we have an accidental eevee and a non-accidental eevee. I haven't gotten the hang of doing that weird vector shapes style on purpose yet, so I have to settle for lucky accidents for now.

Aside from last week's comic update, I haven't actually done any art in the month of September. Weird. Well, there are a couple more days to fix that.

Also, I added the last three comics to the Comic Randomizer.


For the past while, I've been doing a lot of playing around with different styles and techniques. So much so, that I've become extremely rusty at my normal "vector comics" style. "A two-panel comic? That's great!", I said. "That won't take more than a couple hours!" And then I sat down at the computer and remembered how much trouble I have drawing charmanders.

Also I tried a different eye style for Maurice. Again.

As for the actual content of the comic, it's not quite this bad yet. I was at the mall last week and they hadn't really even started Halloween yet, which was nice. But back in July I was already seeing "Back to School" sales, which upsets me even as someone who is finished with school.

One day perhaps these marketing people will be lying on their deathbeds, regretting all the months they wished away. Nah, that's too dark for me.

Merry Christmas!


Sup? I haven't done a whole lot of drawing lately, but I have gone back and added a bunch of old pictures to the art section that I had previously overlooked. You can view a filtered list of them here. For the most part, they're pretty old and not particularly good, which may be why I overlooked them. But for the sake of completion, there they are!

Also, I've been messing around in Flash a little bit. Nothing crazy, just some sidescrolling. The physics are pretty buggy right now... I'm mostly just using this to test out how my sprites look in motion. You might recognize the level design and assets from the very old Eevee sidescroller test in the arcade section. While the assets are the same, the underlying code is almost completely different -- it's actually using the collision detection from the arcade's overworld map, retuned for platforming. I just really need to figure out how to do inclines.

Honestly though, with the direction internet gaming is headed, if I want to develop this further it would probably be smarter to just toss it into Unity.