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If procrastination were an art form, this comic would belong in a museum somewhere. If the visual style looks a bit inconsistent to you, it's because different parts were drawn in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. If you count the flashbacks, you can throw in '06, '07, '08, and '09 as well. Not 2010. Screw 2010.

Also, this is pretty much the best comic to upload after a hiatus. It directly follows a comic that ISN'T the most recent one, requires you to have knowledge of several older comics from the archives, AND is split into two parts so you have to wait for the rest of it to be uploaded in 2016 or so. Yep, I sure know how to run things.

Also, I removed the Google +1 button. Wasn't adding much. Might have to think of something cooler to put in that spot, though.


Daily Draw February is over, and it only took till halfway through March! For the moment I'll be leaving the calendar-o-links up at the top of the page, until I put together thumbnails and page links for all the new images. Guess I'll do the usual thing and summarize all the new pictures:

19: Some weasels. This guy is, like, the one original character I draw on a regular basis, and I haven't in awhile. So here's several.
20: Link frequently deals with Floormasters and Wallmasters while making his way through dungeons. Now he has to face Stairmaster.
21: A nidorina. Not the best I've done, possibly because I drew most of it before deciding whether or not to make it a rattata instead. Actually, I was considering having it be a weird hybrid of the two. I'm very happy with the background, though. Tried some new things with the vector plantlife.
22: Animated eevee, doing nothing in particular. I'm not experienced in animation, and didn't have a plan for what this was going to be, so I'm pretty happy with the result.
23: A very brightly-colored jigglypuff.
24: I started drawing a classic 1950s space-age diner, but gave up when I realized the real ones are way cooler then anything I could come up with. Chrome, neon, and burgers. A winning combination.
25: This is the worst Luigi. I just wanted to sleep.
26: I wasn't entirely satisfied with this car, so I added a lopunny. Pokemon make everything better.
27: Scenery. Didn't have time to finish it.
28: The eevee from earlier really got me interested in more animation experiments, so I did a pichu this time. I had kind of an idea of where I was going with it, but I still did it frame-by-frame instead of doing keyframes as one is supposed to. The interesting consequence is that the art improves as the animation progresses, because flaws can be removed each time the picture is redrawn.

You know, these Daily Draw months are hard work for an unmotivated individual like myself, but in the end they're worth it. Each time, I discover some new themes or techniques that are fun to play with or that improve the look of the final product. It's like... the artistic equivalent of grinding for experience. This time around, I have to say that I really enjoyed doing those animations. It might be something worth looking into further.


You may have noticed a slowdown in Daily Draw submissions. "Things going on" have kept me from having much time to hole myself up in my room and draw nice pictures, and said things will continue through next weekend. So, rather than submit a bunch of lame rushed things, for the sake of quality I'm taking the remaining ten days and moving them to March. The calendar at the top of the page has been updated to reflect this. If I do get the chance to draw something during this week, I'll re-update the calendar.

I did get two drawings in last week. Here's some weird vector experimentation, and an eevee. Also, here's that eevee, combined with the preceding week's eeveelutions. Now we know what they're laughing at.


Sorry I blanked out for a couple days over the weekend, things were a bit hectic. I made up for it, though, by making three drawings on Sunday. You can tell they're three drawings and not one big drawing, because I drew each one differently. Vaporeon is made from borderless vector shapes, jolteon is also vector, but with stylized borders and simple shading. Flareon was done freehand on a tablet.

Also seen this week: A dinaroo, a species I made up back in school to act as an enemy for the ninja guy I used to like drawing. A literal mini-mart, which started because I thought the tiny broom and dustpan was funny and wound up being an entire picture. A pickup truck, done with vectors and experimenting with a couple shading styles. And then a couple quickies, some dude walking through snow, and a bigheaded baseball kid. More to come.


If you look at the top of the page, right below the news box, you'll see I put up a little calendar thing for the daily drawings. In previous ones I've just made weekly collages for the site while putting the individual drawings up on tumblr. Now if you don't want to check tumblr, you can just stop by this page and click the calendar link to see the associated drawing. I'll be adding drawings to the calendar daily, so you don't even have to wait until the end of the week to see them.

This week's drawings are: Dude punching something, highly-accessorized rabbits, some weird vector squirrel, some weird vector Bowser, a cyndaquil, and Pichu playing with Lego (pluralizing Lego is apparently not allowed). Sunday's drawing will be up after I decide what to draw. And draw it.

Speaking of Lego, I saw The Lego Movie on Saturday (which clearly inspired that day's drawing) and it was really great. The animation's really cool, especially the ocean made out of Lego bricks. It's also funny, and has that kind of nostalgic feelgoodedness that puts one in a great mood for several hours afterward. The movie forced me to go home and put together a Lego set in the middle of the night.

Speaking of the best things to come out of Europe, tonight CBS aired The Beatles' 50th anniversary special, and it was also great. The guest musicians did a great job, as did Paul and Ringo themselves. Seeing the entire audience of grown adults singing along with Ringo on "Yellow Submarine" brought a tear to my eye. You don't see that kind of simple, innocent fun very often anymore. Bonus points to the musical guests for playing a couple obscure songs like "Hey Bulldog". I just wish the special could've been longer... even after two and a half hours they had barely scratched the surface of The Beatles' catalogue.