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Badge Guide - Here's a handy guide for if you're wondering what those fancy pictures under everyone's usernames are, or how to get some of your own.

Silver Star
This is your basic postcount-o-meter. You'll have one to start with, and gain a second after five posts.

Gold Star
Once you've posted twenty-five times, your silver stars get replaced with gold ones. Gold-starred members are allowed Karma privileges.

Green and Red Stars
If I ever hire moderators, they'll use one of these.

Blue Star
That's the admin's star. Mine.

Rainbow Star
You'll probably never see this star. It belongs to the forum test account.

Badge of Awesomeness
If you manage to do something that the admin judges to be incredibly awesome, to the point where simply increasing your Karma doesn't cut it, you may be presented with this coveted badge.

Badge of Luck
There's no telling when you might stumble upon this rare badge. Though I'd recommend checking the Shop every so often...

Badge of Seniority
This badge is given out to the first 25 people to join the forums. Treat them with respect, as they're probably cooler than you.

Badge of Time
Awarded to members who participated in the forum's 1st or 5½th anniversary celebrations.

Gold Record
The winner(s) of any comic remixing competitions will be presented with the Gold Record. Selling a million copies of your remix is not necessary.

Universal Voyager
Awarded to those who can see the fabric of reality shredding before their eyes, and just roll with it. Also awarded to those desperate for imaginary friends.

More special badges will probably be added to go along with forum games, events, and competitions. Collect 'em all! Well, actually that's impossible.
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