Ambulances, too.


Retrospective Commentary: November 24th, 2007

Looking back, it may have been a turn-off to have a video game-related comic as the second in the series. Although the main characters are from a video game, this wasn't supposed to be a real "gamer comic". There have been some cases where I had an idea for a comic and figured that I might as well just use these Pokemon for it seeing as they're already here. This was one of those. And since it's so early in the comic's run, I think the people who really despise gamer comics might see this one and back out.

Pichu's activities here reflect what I tend to do on Grand Theft Auto games: Playing all the extra stuff instead of beating the actual missions. I'll spend hours unlocking the red taxi, or checking vehicles off that garage's list, or finding hidden packages. I just wish all the islands were available by default so I wouldn't have gang members shooting at me all the time.